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Mrs Koba has been with us all term and we would like to thank her for supporting us. We particularly enjoyed the Science on Micro-organisms, Netball, support with Come Out and the Art Show and doing Maths and Art with Cereal Boxes. We wish all the best in your future!


Masquerade Review

Reflection on Masquerade by Olivia C

  • Write the names of all the characters in the play. Write an adjective to describe them next to their name.

Joe(solemn) Tessa(hopeful) Jack(loyal) Moon(emotional) Raven Haired Woman(helpful) Nurse(uncompassionate) Fish(helpful) Dawn(confusing) Penny Pockets(fraudulent) Sir Isaac Newton(theoretical) The Philosopher(helpful) The Man Who Plays The Music That Makes The World Go Round(kind) Sun(quiet) A Fair Haired Man(tricking) Tara Treetops(collective) Craw(rude) The Practical Man(opportunistic) The Barbers(loud)

  • What was your favourite part of the play and why?

My favourite part was when the moon sang the riddle because she had a beautiful voice.

  • What was Masquerade about?

Masquerade was about a boy called Joe who is sick, but after reading a book called Masquerade with his mum, they embark on an adventure to look for the amulet that Jack Hare lost. Even though they don’t find it in the end, they helped Jack give the riddle to the sun and fulfil his assignment. Love is a theme throughout.

  • Why was Joe in hospital?

Joe was hospitalised because he was sick, and his mum couldn’t afford the proper treatment for him.

  • Why do you think Joe enjoyed Tessa reading the book to him so much?

I think Joe enjoyed being read the book because he must have been bored and lonely in hospital, and by focusing on the book and its riddles, it probably took his mind off the inevitable fate that he would die.

  • Describe Jack the hare and his personality. Give specific examples.

Jack the hare was loyal, as he really tried to deliver the riddle and amulet, but he lacked the persistence to keep trying after he failed. For example, when Joe and Tessa found him, he was lying in a “cage” with no bars.

  • Give examples of how love was a central theme in the play.

Love was a theme in that Jack delivered message of love from the moon to the sun. Also, Joe and Tessa loved each other, which helped both to deal with Joe’s death, because at one point, Joe blamed Tessa for everything, but after the adventure, he knew she loved him.

  • How did the playwright Kate Mulvany incorporate her story into the original version of Masquerade by Kit Williams? What are some of the most significant differences between the two.

Kate was sick when she was young, and so Joe played what Kate’s life was like (except she didn’t die). It was incorporated by how the scenes changed from Joe to the story and eventually merged. The differences were that Jack and the moon and the sun were n a mythical world that shouldn’t have existed. Joe and Tessa were in the real world with things like sickness and death. In the mythical world, anything can be done.

  • Jack makes a mistake when reciting the riddle to the sun, which changes the word from Love to Lost? What does this new message represent?

It represents that Jack lost the precious amulet that he was to give to the sun.

  • Come up with your own riddle.

The second makes my first,

My second and third are loops,

My fourth has the starting sound of “cursed”

What am I?

A: a book

Come Out 2015

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MasqueradeA wondrous world of riddles and hidden treasures.


Presented by State Theatre Company and Griffin Theatre Company in association with Adelaide Festival Centre and Windmill Theatre.

In a wondrous world of riddles and hidden treasure, bumbling Jack Hare is on a race against time to deliver a message of love from the Moon to the Sun. Far, far away in a world just like ours, a mother cheers her son Joe with the tale of Jack Hare’s adventure. But when Jack’s mission goes topsy-turvy, Joe and his mum must come to the rescue, and the line between the worlds of myth and reality becomes blurred forever.

Reflection on Masquerade-Olivia C

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‘Masquerade’ at Her Majesty’s Theatre

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